As millennials, it’s so easy for us to go onto our social’s where hundreds or thousands of people follow us, and to express our opinion on any and every topic possible.

Social media in modern day society is such an awesome way to build and promote a brand, share memories, or express yourself. However, social media can sometimes be more toxic than good.

One thing we don’t want you guys to think is that we don’t support you should express your frustrations when an issue happens at a venue.  However, we do think that going on Facebook or Twitter and completely bashing these venues is not the way to do it.

First off, what you are doing is building a bad reputation for a spot that is bringing the kind of artist you want to see. Second, half of the time they are going to bring another artist you like and you are going to return. Third, think about what would happen if the major venues in your city shut down. What would you do?


Dustin Scoggin
Rave Bro

As Texas ravers, we know how lucky we are to have a venues like StereoLive (Houston and Dallas) that have a very large amount of square footage, and a Club like Spire, that isn’t even an actual venue, but brings in killer DJ/Producers. Without these places, Houston’s EDM scene would take a huge blow. All of these spots have produced beautiful shows, yet whenever they do have a bad night everyone immediately jumps on social media not just to express their frustration on their experience, but completely discrediting these spots and what they have done.

Houston fans are the most critical. It’s because we have become spoiled in the scene; we demand huge name artists, and when they get brought to us we get upset because the show is cluttered. In Austin, every show is cluttered, but the crowd makes the best of the intimate enviroment.

We need to learn if something negative happens at a show, that there is a way to handle it without requiring you to destroy a company’s name that 364 days out of the year you support.


Lauren Scoggin
Rav Sis

I’m all about speaking up about our experiences at venues, because when done in the right way problems can actually be resolved. Ravers, we can express the way we feel about our nights without bashing the places that are playing the type of music we LOVE.

 Where would we go if we didn’t have these places? Do we really want to always have to take a mini road trip  just to find a venue?

Let’s Support these places so we can continue to dance our asses off to our favorite DJs. Many people go to venues one time, dislike their experience and immediately bash it. A bad night does not equal a bad venue.

You aren’t just bashing a venue, but you are bashing hardworking people and someone’s business. Let’s support local venues and remember our nights are what we make them to be.

Let’s agree from this point forward, if we have a bad experience, we are going to take it to management, we are going to take it to the owner, we will express our frustrations online if needed, but in a way that is fair and allows to affect change in our scene in a positive way. Let’s not bash a company and put ourselves in jeopardy of losing one of the few spots that we take for granted.

We want to keep our city’s music scene growing, not tear it down. Let’s stop comparing venues to each other, but also allow them to have a HEALTHY rivalry so they challenge themselves in which we benefit from.

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