PURGE are a duo from from Las Vegas and Orlando, while Kandy hails from Long Island, NY. They’ve come together for a monstrous release named “PAUSE”. This tune comes with an energy and power that is simply irresistible to any bass head.


It begins with airy arpeggios, synthesizers and drums that build immediate suspense. Without taking too long we are led by the build up into an electrifying Hardstyle drop with wailing horns sure to get you jumping. Halfway through the madness, the beat switches into a heavy Trap break. Kandy and PURGE give us a small break before then bringing us into a filthy Dubstep drop. If this one doesn’t give you the stank face, we don’t know what will.


The sheer variations of bass music styles within this one track are truly impressive. While showing versatility, they still manage to keep a consistent and coherent theme throughout the song. After the song comes down from the drop, you hear a man speaking about artists.

“The world knew that they stood behind the artist that they support and represents their culture.”

At Trillvo, it truly is all about the culture. And we support the artists like PURGE and Kandy that help propel the culture forward through their devotions to the music.

Listen Below,

Follow Purge

Facebook | www.facebook.com/purgeculture
Instagram | www.instagram.com/purgeculture
Twitter | www.twitter.com/purgeculture
SoundCloud | @purgeculture

Follow Kandy
Facebook | www.facebook.com/thisisKANDY
Instagram | www.instagram.com/thisisKANDY
Twitter | www.twitter.com/thisisKANDY
SoundCloud | @thisiskandy

Posted by:Wil Rios


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