A Lovely month for music, but only 5 spots open for the STARTING 5!

HE$H, RIOTTEN, GRAVEDGR, KEVIN FLUM and LIT LORDS! There’s been a lot of fire coming from across the board! A month filled with a lot of love, but also a lot of bangers!


Man this kid He$H is on some other shit! Cutting through the streets of Dallas, Texas, Joey Verrando is wild! Hitting you with some dirty south rap and then an outstanding flip into riddim is so good! He’s torn up some stages from GrimeFest to other cities, he’s breaking necks one city at a time. He$h Presents: BURNERMIX VOL.1!  A 33 minute mix that is so filthy you’ll need to take a shower afterwards! He’s playing DANCEFESTOPIA in September and is for sure going to break some necks the rest of 2018!


Now this legend here, the guy who actually had a rail broken on his RAIL BREAKER TOUR – Riot fucking ten! Christopher Wilson is stepping out of El Paso, Texas and has been running shit for a long time! From hard trap to riddim my guy has bangers on deck. His most recent EP titled “The Dead”, is seven tracks of full on hard-hitting riddim and dubstep! With some help from Rico Act to Sullivan King to Badfella to Arius, this ep is gonna be on repeat for sure! Riotten is making huge waves in 2018!


Now coming straight from the bottom of hell, we have the masked man GRAVEDGR! This… man? (we think) is killing it! He was drafted by a former Starting 5 Dj/producer to his record label known for that big hard sound! None other than HEAVYWEIGHT Records! Carnage put him on both of his Rare line-ups and luckily, we got one of those sets. This man’s Rare SoCal set was soul snatching! So many hard bangers and dropping tracks from TYEGUYS, FREAK, & TYRAZ, this is easily one of the hardest sets ever! He’s trying to bury everybody in 2018.


Kevin Flum! (Flum NOT Flume) is stomping straight out of Atlanta and has more bars than a county jail! His wild lyrical word play will make you scream “YUH” and “turn up!” This kid produces and raps, but this most recent EP 3P is produced by Hounds and hot damn they made some trap magic. The three song EP is hella strong! He has a lot more fire coming out in 2018!


DUO ALERT! Wade Hampton and Isiah Anderson are the Lit Lords! Now these two guys know how to whip up some hard sounds and let me tell you this, they are not to be fucked with. They recently jumped on Jayceeoh’s Super 7’s Double Up Mix with a former starter Bailo, and also put that hard sound on Riotten’s Rail Breaker! They’re mix was ID island and filled with so much fire. Lit Lords coming out shooting in 2018!



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Posted by:Jordan Platt

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