Mike Adriance, also know as FVCKDIVMONDS, is a hot upcoming bass house producer who’s been making major waves in Electronic Music, gathering support from artist such as Diplo, Ephwurd, & more. Mike took some time out of his day to sit down with us and tell us what’s going on in his life.

Hey Mike, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to make time for this interview.

“Hey! Not a problem, I love the movement y’all have at TRILLVO & have been rocking with it since day 1.”

Tell us about yourself for the viewers who may not know of you, where you’re from, style of music you make, & how long you’ve been producing for? 

For sure, I’m Mike I go under the moniker of “FVCKDIVMONDS”, I’m from Atlanta, Georgia the birthplace of trap music, *laughs*.
I make house music, but like… if street rap music & house music had a baby. I’ve been producing since 2012 where I began my journey with trap rap beats & slowly moved into dance music.”

Mike Adriance’s Facebook

How did you first discover electronic music?

“The first electronic stuff I heard that really resonated with me and spoke to me was the early dubstep stuff coming out of the U.K. around like 2009. Rusko’s record “Jahova” was a big one for me, I heard that and I was like bruh how the fuck does someone make something like this on a computer, did a little research and figured it out lol.”

Where did the idea of your project come from?

“Honestly it’s a funny story, me & my homie were coming back from the bar one night this was around when I was planning on starting a project. So anyway, were sitting around just chilling brainstorming ideas for what I should call my project. A Zales commercial comes on TV talking about “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, buy your girl diamonds”, and I looked at the screen and just said “Man fuck diamonds!” Then, I thought about it like damn that sounds kinda hard. Wrote it down on a piece of paper to get a visual representation with the v’s of what it would look like, liked it and it stuck.”

Who are some of your biggest inspirations in music?

I have a bunch of influences honestly, everything inspires me. To name a few though, I love Gucci Mane, TI, Jeezy, that old atlanta sound really has influenced the way I approach creating records. For newer folks, I’ve been loving the current bass house movement from dudes like Habstrakt, Ephwurd, Joyryde, Badjokes, tchami, my brother Odea and a whole lotta others.”

You recently signed to Atlanta based record label/management roaster The Block Society, how’s that going?

“Amazing, such an incredible team to be working with. My manager Greg has been really working hard to take my brand to the next level. S/o Juug that’s my guy.”

Any dream collaborations you’d like to have in the future?

“Honestly, I would love to make a house record but with a band and rap vocals lol. It’s a really strange idea but think Black Flag with Young Thug vocals over the top with a house drop.”


What keeps you motivated to keep making music every day?

“I’m blessed to be able to do this every day as a full time career, so that’s really all the inspiration I need. The positive feedback from fans also makes me feel like what I’m doing is helping impact other people’s lives in a better way. I’m a very goal oriented person so once I accomplish one I’m never happy for long *laughs* it’s always on to the next thing.”

You just released your remix for “New Order”, is there any other new music we can look forward to hearing in 2018?

“So much music on the way, all the crazy house joints y’all know and love & maybe some surprises as well. Just wanna give y’all a big shout out for reaching out! This year I’m gonna be playing a ton more shows, & releasing some crazy music. I wanna redefine the way people look at house music & that starts right now.”

A huge thank you to Mike for taking his time with this interview. The whole Trillvo team supports him. To hear his latest remix & other works check out his SoundCloud & be sure to follow him on twitter and Instagram for all upcoming announcements.



Posted by:Christina Groves

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