The past comes full circle. It always does, and it always will. This applies to modern day events, experiences, and in this case music.

Apashe has readied one of the biggest projects of his career. His conceptual creation Requiem is a major nod to Mozart with its classically infused tracks. Not only does Apashe kick things about as old-school as it gets with Mozart inspired works, but he brings his usual flare of bass and hip-hop together like never before.

From recording real instruments in churches to mixing and mastering the EP, Apashe brought his A game on this project, complete with three epic tracks. Past collaborator Wasiu from “The Landing” on Copter Boy goes all out to kick things off with his royal rhymes on “Majesty” and Black Prez brings some further lyrical heat to the mix on “Dies Irae” while Apashe closes things out himself with the legendary “Lacrimosa.”

Check it out here on Soundcloud.

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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