Young LUCA LUSH is back at it again with the rich and scrumptious vibrations. Lush is absolutely the most appropriate word when describing this gifted man’s sound design. The awe-inspiring chords fill up your room, heart, and soul with lovely and luscious vibes. It can be a very religious experience turning on his tunes.

Luca Lush

LUCA LUSH occupies a very interesting space between the Rap, House, and Bass Music worlds – all of which are greatly appreciated here at Trillvo. He thrives on both the feels and the bangers. This time around it’s a colorful and plush remix to Drake’s “God’s Plan”.

He employs Kid Travis and Cam Fattore’s cover where they sing Drake’s rapped verse. This gives the song a much more melodic feel as opposed to the staccato phrasing that Drake delivers in the original.

The track begins with sparkly synths and colorful chords as Kid Travis sings the first half of the verse. We ride a build into a beautifully layered Future Drop accompanied by hard-hitting drums. Cam Fattore ends the verse into a smooth break. Soon after come’s everyone’s favorite line –

“I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry.”

We love our momma’s too LUCA, and we’re not sorry. We especially love this remix.

Listen Below:

Kid Travis & Cam Fattore God’s Plan Cover:

Connect With Luca Lush: Twitter|Facebook|Instagram

Posted by:Wil Rios

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