Xwire “She”

If you haven’t clicked the link above, do your ears a favor! Xwire (AKA Xavier Diaz) has taken his sound in a new direction with “She”. The track opens with a beautiful single note that introduces a nice buildup and then unfolds into a very experimental/glitchy/progressive yet emotional drop.

Xavier blends these elements together so well that when the second drop hits, it makes an even more powerful, yet everlasting effect that’s sure to make this song (and its beautiful melody) stick in your head. The ending is the perfect way to close out such an immersive journey this song takes you on…all the way to the “goodbye”.


When asking Xavier his inspiration for this track, this is what he had to say:

This song is one of the first songs I took a LOT of time to try and get it the way I wanted it to. Usually when working on something I always just kinda get tired of working on it, render it and call it a day; however, the main lead was actually written about two years ago…I just didn’t know what direction I wanted to take it. Recently I started making stuff like this, and I think I found my niche in this music.

The title itself doesn’t truly have an origin, but regardless, the track itself means a lot to me given the emotion and time put into it. I know a lot of people are used to my dubstep stuff, but I’m truly hoping this song is received well by others because this style of music makes me happy. I’ve seen a lot of fans of an artist usually say stuff like “your old style was better” and to be honest, I hope I never get that. I started making stuff that makes me happy, and if I’m happy..that’s all that matters, right?”

For more Xwire, check out his Soundcloud and follow him on his socials. Links provided below:

Xwire’s Soundcloud

Xwire’s Instagram

Xwire’s Facebook

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