ATLiens may be a duo of few words, but they sure do know the language of music.  Their 6-track EP, Invasion, is nothing short of experimental sounds, filth, and some good ole’ space bass.


The introduction titled “001” kicks off this story with a quick eerie dialogue. A man being interviewed during a UFO sighting. He describes what he witnessed in a moderated deep sounding voice. It’s screechy and muffled, like a very old tape recording, definitely getting some Goosebumps vibes from this.

“I saw two orange lights…across the sky, over the field, and I stopped to look at them. I could see a light getting brighter.”

You can feel the intensity starting to heat up before the track abruptly ends on a mysterious note. On cue, the second track “Invasion” begins, their titled EP. It’s quite fitting once you piece the titles together, like a sequence of events.


Invasion” is a crazy dope track. Everything about it sounds like an invasion is actually happening.  The track opens with a thrilling vibration before dropping to deep tribal chants with a robotic sounding twist in those vocals.

There’s a steady pulsing beat of drums as more sounds come together in a hyping harmony. Instead of a heavy and hard drop, ATLiens throw it down with a combination of light experimental synths – imagine that! If all the robots from “Transformers” film decided to be friends and make a song…this would be it.

Interstellar” hits the halfway mark of this 6-track EP.  These guys slow things down for us with airy piano chords and sweet vocals from Sara Skinner. Listening to the melodic words for this track is so soul soothing and will make you feel like the only things that exist are you, your person, and the stars above.

Our hearts were Interstellar, the space between us could not hold.

Force is pulling us together, but now you’re magnetic and I’m pure gold.


Track number 4, “Witch Doctor” is exactly what we needed the title of this track to sound like, and that’s why it’s definitely our favorite off this EP. It’s mysterious, dark, and filled with hypnotic experimental synths.

There’s this cult vibe just radiating from the vocals (in a dope extraterrestrial way) that will really draw you in from start to finish. There are so many elements incorporated in this one so keep your ears peeled for some funky sounds.

For this next one, ATLiens and TYNAN collab on”Malfunction,” which is probably the most difficult track to describe off of “Invasion.” It sounds like a million different things happening at once. Wait, isn’t that what a malfunction is…?

Staying true to the dark thematic synths,”Equilibrium” delivers just that.  The build is steady, while the drop is shallow, keeping a filthy balance between the  both. The instruments are stringy and different with every strum, you can even say it makes the drop a little groovy.

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Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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