Recently we got the chance to talk to one of Philadelphia’s up and coming bass duos, Bandlez. Vishal and Diandre talked about their background, hobbies, and their top 5 electronic music DJs. Here is what they had to say.

Trillvo: What got you guys into djing together? Do y’all have a musical background on top of this?

Di: Before I met Vishal, I use to play guitar in a few bands. Nothing major, just for goofs and gafs.

Vi: We became friends in high school and started hanging out and DJing for fun. It kinda just went from there.

Di: Yeah, before I met him, I only really listened to guys like Afrojack and Zedd. Vishal was the one that was into the weird shit.  

Trillvo: Is there a specific story behind the name Bandlez?

Vi: I used to play League of Legends and the lore had a city called Bandle city. It was full of these tiny characters that did crazy stuff. It was relatable.

Di : Yeah, I fucking hate that game. To me, “Bandlez” just sounds like a bunch of sneaky beavers.

Trillvo: Just within the last 12 months, you guys have blown the heck up, from support with your remixes for Herobust and Getter, to getting an EP released on Firepower records, to touring with Xaebor. On top of that, support from not only A-list Dubstep DJs, but the entire underground bass community. Is it a lot to take in at some points?

Di: Sometimes, it is, but the craziest part about it is just how far we have gotten just being ourselves. You start to realize that your favorite artists are normal people that do normal people shit and are just being themselves too.

Vi: …and sometimes, I feel like we haven’t really done much. We’re always looking to push the envelope to the next floor.

Trillvo: Who are each of your top 5 artists right now?

Di: Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Svdden Donger (LMFAO), The Barely Alive dudes and also what Getter has been up to recently. He’s been doing some crazy stuff lately.

Vi: Dion Timber, Skrillex, Suddenly Dead (LOL staaahp), Apparently Alive and Riddim Dubstep Community. And that guy “Riddim” makes some cool shiz. (fuck we love riddim, fave DJ)

Trillvo: If you could be anyone for a day who would it be? Why would you choose that person?

Vi: I would have to go with my boi Elon Musk. I wanna drive one of those 2020 Roadsters.

Di: Definitely Moe Shalizi. Dude is on some Illuminati shit. (this)

Trillvo: What other hobbies or activities do you guys enjoy doing, besides making and mixing music?

Di: I have been wanting to replay all the Halos on Legendary for a while now. First chance I get, I am gonna disappear for a year or two and do it.

Vi: I usually just like to be lazy and watch youtube videos and eat food. Also some video stuff.

Trillvo: Any new tracks or mixes you’d like to talk about? 

Di: Soooo much new stuff dude. It’s a little tough getting music out while on tour, but we can’t wait for our next studio binge.

Vi: Yos.

Trillvo: Anything else you wanna say/talk about?

Di: Just wanna say thank you for our buddies helping us learn this shit, dude. This music thing is pretty crazy.

Vi: Super grateful for all the new friends we have made so far. Thank you for this interview!

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Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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