Norwegian Dj/ producer, Kygo, has certainly made his own mark in music. His hit “It Ain’t Me” with Selena Gomez splashed across the music boards, and he’s about to do it again.

Remind Me To Forget” featuring Miguel is simply a beautiful work of art. I fell in love with the melody, production, lyrics and the hypnotizing beats, that make it impossible for you not to dance to.  It has a wonderful melodic chorus, and the instrumental drop is full of colorful sounds, which remind me of the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky.


This song deals with having a love so deep and good, making it nearly impossible to forget the memories. The love you have for someone may always remain, leaving a mark of heartbreak and a reminder that they are no longer what you need.

Maybe you left your mark, reminding me to forget

It doesn’t matter where you are, you can keep my regret

Every lyric cuts so deep for anyone who has been scarred by a loved one. Miguel’s vocals really adds a soulful wave to the track giving it a token of fresh pop. This tropical house track is so upbeat with a refreshing summer vibe you wouldn’t recognize the melancholy message without close attention to the lyrics.

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Posted by:Nina Lakhiani

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