4B & Teez have been dropping “Whistle” in their sets since last year & it’s finally here. As a huge jersey club fan, it was one of my most anticipated tracks to be released! This hot track was the very first song to be released off of DJ Snake’s new record label Premiere Classe.

4B & Teez have been posting videos of them dropping the song the past few months to anticipate the release and having the song released with Premiere Classe brought at lot more attention to this hit.


Both 4B and Teez are known for making nothing but great jersey tunes to move your body to. Whistle is no exception. The song starts off with whistles and drums, leading to a catchy sing-along followed by a jersey drop that you can’t help but dance to. The second half of the song leads with a soft build up then to a crazier jersey drop filled with more whistles and breaks.

The song has been given so much love this past weekend at Ultra Music Festival. It was even in the top 5 most played songs at the huge festival. Whistle will be a hit all summer long, and we garuntee you’ll hear it a lot more often. To hear “Whistle” be sure to check the links below and follow Teez and 4B for more hot jersey tracks.

via Instagram: @brxvn

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Posted by:Christina Groves

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