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Holy Shit! March has been one hell of a month. Between Rave Sis turning 21 (finally), Buku Music and Art Festival, SXSW, and so much more. We are both still trying to catch up on sleep. We decided with everything that went on this month it only made sense for us to make this months article a recap for you guys.

Rave Sis

Buku had some of the coolest people I’ve ever met at a festival, the vibes were just right, and you couldn’t help but appreciate all the art and culture in this city. Upon entering the gates on Day 1 we headed to our first stage which was Float Den. Float Den had all of the different Mardi Gras floats really giving us the NOLA feels. I couldn’t think of a better way to start our night than with a little Spag Heddy and a little head banging. The rest of the night did not disappoint either seeing artists like Boogie T, Snails, and the Dj I think everyone was really excited to see virtual self.

The Buku fam and I were all really excited going into Day 2 but I do not think we were prepared for the magic we were going to be hearing that night. We started our night at my favorite Illenium and if you made it through the entire set without crying then we were at different sets!! Jai wolf was our next stop followed by Borgore, nectar, and closing the show Rezz. I honestly believe everyone at Buku went to sleep with the sounds of Rezz still in our heads. Buku was so much more than I ever could have imagined it would be. It was also really fun adventuring the city and celebrating my birthday on Bourbon. NEXT STOP EXCISION!

With only a week to recover the Buku crew + the rave sis made our way to Excision’s show like we do every year. With a lineup of Monxx, liquid stranger, and Dion timmer we were in for a treat. Mosh pits, headbanging, and excisions new song WHAT? Excision played his new song, “Rumble”! He just never disappoints he put on an amazing show along with the other artists there that night. I will admit I was a little sad the rave bro wasn’t there to see one of his favorite DJs but Lostlands better get ready for THE RAVE SIBLINGS!

Rave Sis Picks for Top Sets From Buku 2018

Rave Sis

Rezz– stole the festival and gave everyone braingasms.

Borgore– was by far the most LIT

Jai Wolf– I was surprised at how much your music stuck with me and I would definitely pay to see again!!!

Illenium – I think I cried the entire set along with random strangers I met in the crowd

Alison Wonderland– watching one of your sets for the first time was a dream come true

Rave Bro

Unfortunately for us, we can’t always be at every event together, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still go hard. I was unable to attend Buku Music and Arts Festival this year with my sister, and yeah I was sad about it at first, but I knew that staying behind meant I got to attend Austin’s famous SXSW Film and Music Festival. Trillvo put on two shows at this year’s event. NightCap with grindhouse was a kickoff, and boy was it fire. The lineup consisted of locals from all over the state of Texas and the venue was sick. Later that week I attended a few other events and got to see an amazing B2B with Yultron, Nitti Gritti, Tascione, Carbin, and Pixel Terror. It was legit wild and unexpected. Then walked down the street to see a personal favorite Hekler along with Sumthin Sumthin, STEEZ, and more. It was a beautiful night! Plus got to spend some time with my boss for Trillvo Raytrill which is rare living in different cities so those moments are always nice. March really was MAD!

Rave Bro & Rave Sis Celebrating Rave Sis’s Birthday in Austin, TX

Wow! What a ride March has been. It’s been one hell of a journey. We may not always get to do everything together, but we always make noise wherever we are and when we come together we create memories and stories that last a lifetime! Happy Birthday Rave Sis and as for all of you, stay tuned! The years just getting started!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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