Yetep just released his newest original “All I Want Is You” and it has us feeling some type of way. If you haven’t heard of Yetep, you’re missing out! Every month he drops a new mix on his SoundCloud, and all of them are incredible. I first discovered Yetep last year while browsing on SoundCloud, one of his mixes had popped up and I instantly fell in love.

All I Want Is You” takes you on a emotional roller coaster of feels. The song starts off with a simple singalong with drums and keys then builds up to a very happy and groovy drop. When I first heard the drop I just knew I was gonna love the song. Then, the second drop peaks to a soulful high just before the song comes to a beautiful ending.

To hear the great tune be sure to follow Yetep on SoundCloud and don’t forget to hear his latest mixes!

Follow Yetep: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | SoundCloud
Posted by:Christina Groves

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