If you haven’t yet listened to this new song from a very fast-rising star, DO IT NOW!!! “Coupe” is the perfect song to get a crowd hyped, and it’s one of the many in his arsenal of amazingly well-produced tracks. NXSTY (aka Bowen Sanderson) has already received massive support from huge artists like 4B, Quix, and Dillon Francis. This Vancouver native is already bursting onto the scene early on in 2018, and this track proves there is a lot more to come!

“Coupe” starts off with a steady buildup that drops into something heavy. The 2nd drop is even more intense than the first, as it adds an almost Jersey Club quality to it. Oh, and did I mention…this track is a free download? Yes, most (if not all) of NXSTY’s tracks are free downloads on his Soundcloud. You should check all of them out because I’m convinced that this guy just doesn’t put out a bad song. Whatever lies ahead for NXSTY this year, I’ll definitely be along for the ride after taking on one in the “Coupe”. This IS my favorite artist to watch out for in 2018!

For more NXSTY, follow him on his socials:

NXSTY’s Soundcloud

NXSTY’s Instagram

NXSTY’s Facebook

Posted by:michaelplacencia

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