In a very short amount of time, GrimeFest has begun to not only build a name for itself but more importantly has built a loyal following of bassheads who travels all over Texas to join in the grimy festivities that is GrimeFest.

As we were walking down the streets of Austin, everywhere you turned crowds of people were beginning to head to ScratchHouse, the intimate host of this years Austin GrimeFest.  As they passed me by I could hear them saying things like, “I haven’t missed a GrimeFest yet,” and “I drove all the way from Dallas for this show!” The energy was high and the vibes were perfect!



There were two stages, the main stage was inside, where you could catch some nasty ass bass from artist like JPhelpz, Subtronics, Steez and many more. The cool thing about this venue and this stage was the intimacy. You literally felt like you were at a house party, but instead of your friend DJing off their iTunes, you have hard-hitting DJs slamming down banger after banger!

I would say that one of my few issues though was that since GrimeFest was 100% sold out and the venue was on the smaller side, being on the inside got so crowded at one point that you could hardly find your way through the crowd, but we didn’t let that stop us and most people didn’t seem to mind.

If being on the inside was too much for you that’s okay, because the outside stage had all the room and people were wild’n out! With some crazy local performances from Drizz and Brimmz. Not to mention, a nasty B2B with Foreign Twiinz and Grime Tribe. It may not have been the main stage, but that didn’t stop the artist from going off, nor did it stop the crowd from turning up!

Photo By Nick Novak


As I walked in, the crowd was still light, but the energy was already pulsating as local artist Calcium and Cromatik were already shredding away. I think putting this duo together worked so smoothly and they did a killer job setting the mood for the rest of the night.

cromatik b2b calcium
Photo By Nick Novak

One of my personal favorite sets from the first half of the night was one of Austin’s favorite bass duo’s, Steez. These guys really brought out the basshead in me by throwing some old school bass tracks and intertwining them with their own originals that go hard on their own. If you don’t know Steez, we suggest you do your research because they’re are on fire.

Photo By Nick Novak


Dirt Monkey and Subtronics both played incredible sets as individuals, but we’re dying to get to the B2B. Subtronics played his solo set straight into a B2B with Dirt Monkey and it was by far one of the best sets of the entire night.

The crowd opened up for a wild mosh pit. People were breaking their backs and headbanging to these two in a room full of people crowded together, but no one cared about anything other than the bass that was being drilled into our brains. If there was ever a B2B that could prepare us for JPhelpz soon to come set it was this one.

Speaking of JPhelpz, the only DJ I’ve ever seen who could look completely calm as if no one was watching and still managed to make the crowd go out of control. If you thought the mosh pits during Subtronics B2B Dirt Monkey were wild, they didn’t even prepare you for what went down during JPhelpz set.

We have to talk about the set list for these headliners. There was no shortage of Excision and Getter tracks being played and we were in heaven. The crowd went nuts during “Throw Your X Up” and “Throwing Elbows”. The entire crowd, who coincidentally all seemed to be rocking Excision gear, did not take it lightly when the Bass God himself came on.

Photo By Nick Novak

In less than a year, GrimeFest has grown so much. The team brought not only a stronger lineup than 2017, but they brought what’s important and that was followers. If this is the kind of growth that we are seeing from them in just four months we can only imagine where they will be this time next year. If you haven’t made it out to a GrimeFest in a city near you yet, don’t sweat. The next one is in Houston, so stay tuned for the lineup coming soon!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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