Nest HQ, one of Skrillex’s label imprints alongside OWSLA, is now taking host to an up and coming artist group from Canada. We took a listen and it is massive. Turn on the AC because heat is going to melt your mind. Their aesthetic is edgy, dark, and enigmatic. Their newest EP, Uunion, goes exactly along those lines.

If Nine Inch Nails put rap vocals on a bassline, that is what “Erase The Pain” sounds like. That is the best way to describe it. Each little piece of the track fits perfectly like a puzzle. A dark, mangled puzzle.

chuurch 2
via Facebook: @Chuurchmusic

The second single that stands out the most off the EP is “One Mind“. Its simplistic style makes you feel like something you’d hear in an underground warehouse rave. Deep bass lines and distorted synths riddle the track alongside the overwhelmingly dark vocals.

Recently Chuurch was announced to cover multiple Zed’s Dead shows in the US, so don’t expect them to go anywhere soon.

Spotlight: Chuurch

Chuurch’s signature sound, “lean bass”, has captivated audiences with its aggressive yet laid back vibes. It’s a unique mixture of two completely contrasting musical identities which stem from Hip Hop and Bass Music influences. Each track is crafted to fill a unique space as one part of a larger set piece. Their new sound and selective live appearances have catapulted Chuurch forward leaving on lookers with more questions than answers.

Follow Chuurch: Facebook  | Twitter | Soundcloud
Posted by:Dee Jay Soup

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