HEAR YE, HEAR YE Rusko, dubstep pioneer and all-around badass, is BACK. After announcing he is officially cancer free in October (YAY!) bass music lovers around the world have been patiently waiting for his return. Building off of his recently released single “Emotional” Rusko has released a 6 track EP entitled “Has Made 5 More Songs.”

The EP sticks to Rusko’s signature sound and includes reggae inspired drums, horns and experimental synths. He sticks true to his sound that forever pays homage to techniques that put dubstep on the map all those years ago.

Photo by jennicamaephoto

This EP is Rusko’s first since his battle with cancer and the listener can tell he’s producing from the heart. There is a special ambiance surrounding this collection of tracks and it’s easy to find yourself lost in the beautiful melodies of “High” and “Emotional.”

The break-beat style present throughout “Walalangleng” made us fall in love with bass music all over again. “Walalangleng” mixed with the industrial alien-esque sound of “Hot” is a terrific display of Ruskos’s pure talent and musical ability.

Photo by colatheplug

2018 is Rusko’s year and with major shows booked, an absolute banger of an EP and much more already under his belt, we know there’s no stopping him now. Keep an eye out for more, we know we can’t wait!

Connect with Rusko: Soundcloud | Facebook
Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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