The queen of electronic dance music, Alison Wonderland, is back with her second album Awake and it’s literally all we can listen too. After being much expected and highly anticipated, the album was finally released yesterday on EMI Music label.

Anyone who follows the producer/DJ knows that Alison started working on this album after experiencing depression and anxiety in her personal life. After listening to the album you can see from the exploratory sounds radiating out of your speakers when listening to the masterpiece that is Awake.

Alison Wonderland (Buku)
Photo By Vikki G

The Breakdown

Happy Place” is the first single released off the album. This track deals with Alison screaming to be taken to that one place we are ALL in pursuit of. Which is fitting after how open Alison has been about suffering from her own demons and mental illnesses in her life. The song starts in airy and slowly builds to a smorgasbord of sounds.

A few other songs we’ve been jammin’ prior to the Awake releases are, “High” which features Trippie Redd, and one of our personal favorite tracks from the new album, “Church“, which tackles the struggle of recognizing your self-worth even when the people around you try to make you feel less than.

Now that we got those out of the way, I want to bring it back to the beginning of the album. The first track on the album “Good Enough” starts that album off, with an intensely building and dramatic instrumental intro to the rest of the album.

“Cry” is a personal favorite of mine. The track features hip-hop artist Buddy, and the lyrics seem to be taking a feminist position, but with a light-hearted and chill beat in the background. While listening to this track I kept finding my head bobbing like a 90s hip-hop music video.

We have to talk about this collab track with Chief Keef, “Dreamy Dragon“, which Alison Wonderland has referred to as ‘weird track’ in a recent interview she did with us.  If by weird she means unique and incredible – we totally agree. The track is a sound from Alison we aren’t used to hearing. Then you have Chief Keef’s lyrics with what Alison referred to as almost a ‘Pop-Punk’ vibe. If you have not head this track yet we highly recommend you check it out.

Awake” is the final track of the album, fittingly named after the album as it kind of discusses the rebirth of herself and finding her own place after taking this dark journey in a lower time in her life. This track brings the whole album full circle and really shows how much strength she came out in the end. It proves to her fans who may be sharing those experiences that it doesn’t matter how hard you fall, but what counts more is the way you pick yourself up.

Alison Wonderland (Buku)
Photo By Vikki G

If this album doesn’t “fuck you up on a spiritual level” you must be listening to the wrong album.

Trillvo recently had the opportunity to sit down with Alison and our writer Cici got to pick her brain and ask her about the not yet released album and some the experiences that she went through that led up to her final ‘awakening’.

This album is for all who struggle, you aren’t alone. – Alison Wonderland

Check out this and the rest of the interview right HERE.

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