It was Saturday night in Austin, Texas as Raytrill and I walked into Scratchhouse. Eager to get to the show for Ray Volpe, we went to have dinner and then headed out to the venue early. We know that Scratchhouse has the ability to get overpacked, but this night it was perfect, an intimate setting with a crowd of genuine fans.

As we walked in, Rizzo was already throwing down, the doors had barely opened but what made his set perfect was that he set the tone and energy of the bassheads as they entered the venue. Rizzo is an upcoming Austin local and played a massive set.

I had heard nothing but great things about Ray Volpe, so my expectations for his set were high and they were met. His set was fire from start to finish! Slamming down banger after banger. My personal favorite moment was when he gave us some Fall out Boy realness, just when he has us all into our feelings and had us screaming lyrics at topĀ of our lungs, the bass drops and melts our minds. The drop he used in the Fall Out Boy edit was so dirty and wubby. The thing I appreciated most about his show was how diverse his set was, from crowd pleasers to heavy ass bangers and even a little bit of bounce music. It was exhilarating. (Dustin)

Ray wasn’t shy about linking with fans and getting to know each person that came out to his show. A charismatic artist by nature it seems, he effortlessly bounced from one conversation to the next leaving a trail of laughs in his path. Connecting with his fans set the tone for the good vibes that ensued the room as the night lingered on.

After Rizzo, Broz took the stage. Broz actually blew me away! Sporting a buygore shirt to show love to the team that powers Ray volpe, Broz effortlessly mixed together some favorite hip hop tracks with bass/trap tunes and eased us into the madness to follow with precision.

“I had seen Ray play before but there was something so alive in the way he played this evening.” – RayTrill

An energy took over the room as he entered the stage and he seemed to immediately command the attention of the intimate inside room of Scratchouse. Ray brought such an insane energy to the atmosphere and played heavier than I had ever seen him play before. He fed off the crowd and vibed with us. Every track off the EP that he dropped elicited whopping reactions, as if everyone in the room was sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for their appearance in the set. (RayTrill)

10/10 Ray Volpe… 10/10

Check out where you can catch him on his, “No Emotion Allowed” tour before his final stop!


Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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