The Trillvo team wanted to take a moment to pay homage to the founder of Trillvo, our boss, friend, and family member, RayTrill Harvey. For those of you who do not know, or have not yet had the privilege of meeting Raytrill, we are sorry. Raytrill embodies the term “Boss Ass Bitch”.

At the young age of 27 years old, she gave up her 9-5 job to pursue her dreams of being part of the music industry. Coming from being a regular bottle service girl to building a small empire in Houston, TX. Now you can see her running a highly successful EDM Blog with a staff pushing nearly thirty people, throwing shows/talent buying at Spire Nightclub, as well as, shows in other cities and states.

Raytrill is known for her heart, love of ALL things music, her trap queen personality, and sometimes being a little out-spoke within the music scene. However, her following of people continues to grow and so does her success. We wanted to do something special for Raytrill to show her how important she is to us at Trillvo, as well as those that she has influenced in the community! So we reached out and this is what people had to say about her:

I love you queen! You’re doing amazing things for our industry. We need you.


Caroline Cecil (AKA DJ Whipped Cream)

Whipped Cream & Raytrill

Ray, I’m so glad I stepped into being apart of your team and family a year ago. You have taken me under your wing, given me chances, always believed in me and always pushed me. You don’t understand how much I think about that daily. How much I appreciate it, because without you I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today.


Writer For Trillvo

Raychel Harvey is the epitome of what it means to be a powerful female leader in today’s society. She has constantly proven her worth ten times over and if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have found the courage to be doing what I’m doing now by writing, producing, DJ’ng, etc. It’s because of her I’ve grown into the artist I am now, and I will forever be grateful for her believing in me, and for being there for me no matter what.

Michael Placencia

Writer For Trillvo

I’ve always been a writer. Ever since I was younger it’s been one of the only ways I could freely express myself and battle my demons without being judged. Some of my writings in my teenage years were a cry out for help. Now I wrote about my experiences in hopes to help other young kids who have gone through what I went through. Trauma really does help create someone beautiful in someone I believe, especially if you don’t let it control you. I stopped writing when my sister died. I stopped a lot of stuff. I kinda died when she died. I stopped being the Cici that everyone knew. I became a recluse. I had to do a lot of self-learning because she was my rock.

Almost 5 years later since she passed and I have found the will to get back into writing with Trillvo. And I thank God every day this stranger trusted me enough to bring me on board.  I used to sit up, late night with my sister, smoking, talking about all the dreams I had. Now I’m following them! She saw the talent and raw emotion I had and pushed me so hard. I’m in this because I have a voice, a voice to speak for the ones who can’t, a message, and because I love this scene so much. I take her energy and put it towards everything I do. Writing with Trillvo has given me my voice back and has brought me closer to my sister. I very much so believe in myself that I will make it to the top as a writer and with Trillvo.

Cici, on how working for Trillvo helped her.

Trillvo writer

Ray is the embodiment of a badass. She’s a wonderful human being, an extraordinary leader, an amazing friend and honestly a HUGE inspiration to me. She is the phrase “work hard, play hard” incarnate.

Xavier Diaz

Trillvo Graphic Designer/DJ

Raytrill is the epitome of a true supporter of dope music. She always got her ear to the ground and knows who’s hot. Tastemaker.



Yultron and RayTrill

“Raychel is one of my closest friends that I’ve known for years, she’s been such a wonderful person to not only me but to also my best friends that I love very dearly. She’s honestly been a role model and the fact that she has a fire that doesn’t wanna go out despite all the shit that tries to blow it away… it’s still lit. She’s probably one of the most real people I have ever met in my life and I’m so glad to have a wonderful strong woman like her as my boss and also my best friend. And I’m very excited to see what she does in the future because it’s gonna be epic.”

Cristian Callejas

Trillvo Street Team

All I know is that Ray inspires me every day to be the badass, hardworking woman she is. She’s is a nonstop hustling machine dedicated to doing what she loves. Not only has Ray built Trillvo from the ground up, but more importantly she’s built a strong family I’m blessed to be a part of.

Nina Lakhiani

Editor For Trillvo

Raytrill has always been a great friend to me, she showed me the potential I can accomplish through my talent. She has always been straightforward with me, the same way I’ve been straightforward with her.



Ray is easily one of the strongest, most empowering women I know. She’s my best friend, and I wouldn’t know what to do without her in my life!



Raychel is one of the most vibrant and motivated individuals I’ve come across in the Houston scene in years. It’s been awesome having her on the team for Spire as well as side projects in the industry.

Wes Walz

Talent Buyer for Spire Nightclub

I’ve learned that Raychel is a ball of energy that is always ready to turn up and have a good time. This girl straight thrives off of music and the energy of the crowd, which is something I love the most because I am the same way (but with my groovy house tunes). Not only is she the girl to have around when you’re out at shows trying to have a killer crazy time. But she’s such a wholesome good person, which makes her one of the best friends. My favorite moments with her always involve us working on some artwork, a bottle of wine, and just getting to talk about life. She was there to listen and advise on my life problems. She’s has proven to me in so many ways, personally, and just by watching her take her career by the balls and straight up build what TRILLVO is now. She is someone I’d do ANYTHING for and would take a bullet for. Raychel is the most badass woman I know and I respect her SO much every single day for doing what she does and putting up with what she puts up with being in the industry, because wow it is insane some of the things that come her way. Raychel is a force to be reckoned with, and if you ever have the chance to meet her or catch her at a show, congrats!!!!

Ineke Sprout

Formally featured on Trillvo’s “A Rave In The Life”… And RayTrill’s Good Friend

I seriously don’t know what I’d do with my life if I didn’t have you Ray. You have literally changed my life since we took that first road trip. I know it gets rough, but you have a whole team of people who want to see you grow, be successful, be happy and love you. Don’t ever ignore those facts. I love you sooooooo much!

Vikki G

Photographer For Trillvo

You have taught me so much in such a short period of time. I am so excited for what the future has in store for you, for Trillvo, and for everyone whose names you push towards greatness. You already know I am here for you through all the obstacles and bullshit! I will forever be a ride or die! Now let’s rock this shit! Love you forever and always!

Dustin Scoggin

Editor For Trillvo

unnamed (3)

RayTrill, the entire Trillvo team & some of your friends just wanted to come together and tell you how special you are, how much we love you, and how much you have impacted our lives! Forever Trill!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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