Immersing from the scene with a new sound, KNØTZ says “FUHK” a genre and creates a track that is “out of the norm”. Ominous sounds start off the track followed by grungy-heavy metal guitars. The rhythm reminds me of an Avenged Sevenfold meets Sullivan King sound. What kind of ride are you in for? Jason AKA KNØTZ gives us a little insight into the message behind his track.

When I created KNØTZ, I wanted and have always been very transparent about showing people my progression and growth. This track has a more rock sound to it which is reflective of growing up listening to a lot of rock music with my dad. I wanted to take these influences and apply them to my music as I’m learning and changing. I really push the “Fuck a Genre” idea because people shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.
-Jason KNØTZ Broussard

Listen to ‘FUHK’:

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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