Name: Chase Borel
Stage Name: BOREL
Age: 25
Genre played: House
Favorite kind of sandwich: Chicken parmigiana Sandwich 😋

When you first meet BOREL, you think… “Wow… That’s one dapper looking dude.” You first notice the full beard, and you want to stroke it, but you must refrain. Paired with his black leather jacket, a bright-colored chiffon shirt, dark skinny jeans, Steve Madden-esque bulky boots and his signature chiffon scarf hanging out of his right back pocket.

You go up to BOREL, instantly hitting it off. His charming personality reels you in and you just get lost in conversation with the dude. Then… he kindly interrupts you. He goes into his backpack and pulls out lavender headphones, gives you a cheer (and a wink) with his champagne glass as he walks up to the DJ booth. HOLY CRAP, you think to yourself, HE’S A DJ?!


(Photos by Vikki G)

BOREL is a Texas Native. Born in Nederland, TX, raised in Beaumont; he moved to Houston in order to pursue his DJ/producer career. Starting off strong in the scene, BOREL got bookings at StereoLive opening up for major acts such as Timmy Trumpet, Vicetone, Camelphat, and Malaa, just to name a few. I had the chance to shoot the shit with BOREL in his lovely “home”.

Check out the interview below.

Being the producer he is, BOREL works on a lot music of his own and remixes. His groovy singles, “Abu” can be found on F/4 Records, as well as “Babylon” on The Whitenoiize Collective. BOREL made an EXCLUSIVE mix for us here at TRILLVO. This mix has got to be one of my favorite ones to date. So grab you champagne, put on some comfy clothes and get ready to groove out to the sounds of BOREL.



Posted by:Victoria Garces

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