Phlegmatic Dogs – “Keepmastik (VIP)” is a new favorite here at Trillvo. The first time I heard this song I instantly fell in love. The original edit “Keepmastik” was a hit & the VIP is just as great. Both the original and VIP tracks were released off AC Slater’s label Night Bass. The original has the craziest house sounds, as the VIP has a darker vibe to it.

“Keepmastik VIP” has a heavy house vibe to it. The first half starts off with a house build to a deep hold drop, then to the next build up. The song leads to crazy acid techno beats.

The track is an overall masterpiece. If you haven’t listened to either the original or the VIP I suggest you take a listen. To hear both, click the links below.

Keepmastik (VIP)

Keepmastik (Original)

For more Phlegmatic Dogs, check out their socials below!

SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Posted by:Christina Groves

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