Welcome Sunsetters, We are Sunset Music Festival!

Sunset Music Festival, SMF, is back for its 7th annual year at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, May 26-27th! Here is the low down on what to expect at this growing festival!

The Lineup

Ah yes, the one thing that  truly makes or breaks a festival for many ravers. Over the years, SMF has brought in top djs from around the world, never-failing at pleasing the crowd. This year when the lineup dropped, there were many mixed reviews, and a sudden removal of one major headliner, The Chainsmokers. With them being removed, this left Sunsetters in question who will fill that spot. Without a doubt SMF not only added one but TWO fire headliners, Rezz and Illenium! Joining these two are Marshmello, Excision, 3lau, Bonnie x Clyde, and so many more! If you’re a true basshead like me, I’ll see ya filthy animals in the mosh pits.



Every year, Disco Donnie and Sunset Events work hard to step up the production level from the prior year. Last year, I got the opportunity to meet and speak with John Santoro, founder of Sunset Events, to talk about how much work goes into production. The moment SMF is over, he is already planning on how to up next year to provide a one of a kind experience!

I come from an engineering background. I look at every nail and screw, every little detail. I spend 11 months out of the year prepping and planning. While you guys look at it as a stage, I look at it as a structure and how to make it better.

With that being said, SMF has a special treat! Day one at the Horizon stage, mostly known to have all the house, trance, and techno djs, All My Friends will be doing a takeover! For those who are not familiar with All My Friends, AMF is Destructo’s brand, giving us the All My Friends festival and Friendship Cruise. It will be a similar vibe experience to Holyship.

Horizon stage. Photo cred: SMF facebook

Day two at the Horizon stage, Brownies & Lemonade will takeover. B&L is based out of LA and is known for their dope ass underground parties. Literally, they have been popping up all around festivals the past few months. I mean who doesn’t like those weird underground vibes. You don’t want to miss that.

Sunset stage,which is the main stage, displays artistic patterns and psychedelic colors beautifully enhanced the viewing experience, and changing light throughout the day kept the vibe fresh.

Sunset Stage. Photo cred: SMF facebook page

Headbangers can get down and dirty at the Eclipse Stage, no for real this stage is very sandy. Arches with massive LED surround the area, displaying visuals that are out of this world.

Eclipse stage.Photo cred: SMF facebook

Chill out Zones

One thing super cool about SMF is the HUGE cool down tent. If you aren’t busy throwing down some crazy dance moves, need a spot to meet up with friends, take a nap (I have seen this happen), or chill for a moment to eat, the canopy located by the Sunset stage is an awesome place to grab some shade and refuel.


Need some extra cooling down with ac? Head over to the trippy cool down tent. This tent is covered in trippy 3D art, a dj and AC!! Yes, you heard me right! Florida around this time of year is ridiculously hot and humid, and the creation of the cool down tent is one of the most unusual and relevant ideas I’ve ever seen at a festival. As the name suggests, this tent was made exclusively for patrons to wander through and enjoy the air conditioning, along with black lights and vibrant artwork. My friends and I definitely took advantage of this feature more than once a day to help keep us cool.


Because Florida is very hot and humid in May, SMF is bringing in the big fans that mist the whole crowd. More free water stations will be added along with ground control walking around handing out free water. Remember to hydrate yourself and start a water regimen a  few weeks prior. Drink Gatorade and water down. Invest in a camelpack! Also, look out for each other. If you see someone dehydrated, get them water! We are all one big family.


What is a festival without VIP? SMF offers top of the line VIP bottle service with views of the stage that makes you feel like you are the dj yourself. The SMF Oasis definitely brings the feeling of a lavish Downtown Miami lifestyle. Located by the Sunset stage, patrons of the Oasis are treated to a personal table escort. Those who opted for bottle service are also granted access to all VIP viewing areas. Plus the bottle baes are stunning. Feeling lavish? Call or text  (813) 690-0938 to reserve your spot. Buying a Vip wrist band does not give you access to vip bottle service.

High key Excited for

Before I tell ya who I am most excited for, I just want to say kudos to SMF for adding 5 BAD ASS female djs! So naturally of course I am very excited for Rezz, Bonnie of Bonnie X Clyde, Cray, GG MaGree, and Anna Lunoe.

  • Riot Ten
  • Ekali
  • Borgore
  • K?D
  • Boombox Cartel
  • Yo Gotti- yea you read that right
  • Elphante

All in all, you can find me in mosh pits,shuffle circles, or kicking it in the trippy cool down tent. Grab your tickets here, they even have payment plans available!

Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

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