Invasion Remixes EP

To say ATLiens are having a great year would be an understatement. These guys are on fire right now! And their newest Remix EP (which you can hear by clicking the link above) is on a whole other level.

With 16 different yet amazingly unique remixes, you’d think this would be classified as an album more than an EP! Listening through this entire EP was like taking a trip around the universe by voluntarily being abducted by the ATLiens themselves in a spaceship, traversing almost every corner of the musical spectrum.

Avance and YDG kick off the EP with their own takes on “Invasion”. The Riddim lovers will definitely love YDG’s remix. “Interstellar” is by far the most remixed song on this EP, but every rendition from X&G to Lil’ Texas’ sounds unique in its own way.

TYNAN gives us a heavy version of “Interstellar”, while Fransis Derelle lends his musical talents with a banging Trap remix. Arius, Shanghai Doom, and Yvng Jalapeño’s remixes are all very interesting takes as they delve into experimental Dubstep, Bass, and Drum & Bass. Lil’ Texas puts a very good Jersey Club spin for his “Interstellar” remix as well!


G Rex and Peekaboo give us almost what seems like a silent banger for their “Witch Doctor” Remix, but when that bass and high screech hit you it hits hard! “Malfunction” has to boast some of my favorite batch of remixes on this entire EP. NXSTY’s is easily one of my favorites for the genius intro with Chucky’s laugh, to that insanely crazy drop! You won’t be disappointed with this one. Just prepare yourself for that 2nd drop!

Khaos is another artist who caught me by surprise with their remix of “Malfunction”. The intro starts off with an epic chorus of sorts, jumps straight into a dope hybrid trap drop, and then towards the very end switches up to a pulse-pounding Drum & Bass 2nd drop!

Last but not least, Tsuki closes out the EP with a hard experimental bass remix of “Equilibrium”. All in all, if you listen to this entire EP, you’re in for a treat. So many of these remixes shine in their own way. If ATLiens continues to hit us with EPs like their original Invasion EP as well as this one, I can only imagine what they have in store for us next.

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Posted by:michaelplacencia

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