Houston collective WhiteNoiize just dropped the first of their trio releases expected to come over this year. Much different from last year, each album will have a different theme and different sound. Spark is the first of a three part series to drop. It features artist from the WNC such as Knotz, M.E. Swank, Saylus and more.


Knotz, starts the album off with “The First Spark“, which is appropriate because this track sets the tone for the entire album. Right off the bat you can tell what kind of album this is going to be. Jason, aka Knotz, starts it off with almost a jingle. The track is chill and it’s just kind of track you would listen to chilling with you friends while vibing out.


Then we flow into M.E. Swanks “Kindle which features Wes Edmonson. The track has a chill trap vibe, and fits right into the leading track with that same chilling with the homies vibe. It’s the perfect track for that weekend “kick-back”.


Next on the list is Gio with “Blue Dream“, which is the perfect transition from Swank’s “Kindle”. Plus, this track is where the sparks begin to fly as the pace of the album begins to pick up. I’d say this is one of our favorites.

SJPJ’s “Coming Home“is a great change of pace for the album with a nice chill house beat. The track makes you want to put on your shuffling shoes. SJPJ then goes into a collab track with Saylus called “It’s Electric“.

Don’t worry Saylus gets his moment to shine with “External Terra.” This is the part of the album where the fuse finally “sparks” and shows how diverse the collective is by bringing in some neuro drum and bass that is sure to please.


RNZO and DAT TU close off the album with two tracks that can’t go unnamed. “Identity” is the kind of track you hear blarring at a music festival with beautiful vibes, people dancing and having the time of their life. “Over U” by DAT TU brings the album full circle, and ends with that same almost jingle that KNOTZ started with. This track is a beautiful ending to a beautiful album!

The WhiteNoiize Collective really impressed us with this LP. It shows how diverse these guys can be. A lot of the people in this collective are known for throwing nasty bass music, and the fact they put this together is nothing shy of incredible. Check it out below!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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