Written By: Mitchel Tilley

After a 12 month journey in the studio, Scars is finally out on Anjunabeats and the vibes it gives are absolutely contagious. Within fifteen tracks, the album shares the styles and sounds of music that have influenced Ilan’s life creatively. 

British singer and songwriter Giuseppe De Luca is featured five times on the album, including a modern spin on 80’s pop during ‘Cosmic Feeling’. Maor Levi steps up the tempo in ‘Blue Angel’ and ‘Will We Remain?’ using vocals from EL Waves. In 2011, Maor Levi first introduced Ilan Bluestone to the record label known today as Anjunabeats. The track ’43+86=129′ reflects on previous numerical solo tracks ’86’ by Sunny Lax and ’43’ by Ilan. Tracks like ‘Guru’, ‘Not Alone’, and ‘Eclipse’ have a different feel compared to the rest of the album as they pull inspiration from a diverse range of sources. Overall, the album has a really good variety of chill and energetic tracks that exemplify Ilan’s ability to explore new sounds.

Connect with Ilan Bluestone

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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