As Dallas’ HEAVY HITTER lineup comes closer and closer, Light All Night and PRIME Nightcult bring you WOBBLELAND! A dub and bass filled lineup that is sure to fuck you up inside out, mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, up and down, just all around….. BWAHHHH!

We start off our Artist Profiles with British producer, RUSKO! This iconic DJ is coming to Dallas with new jaw-dropping sounds and songs. His latest EP ‘Has Made 5 More Songs’, released on Circus Records, has an amazing blend of riddim and bass. His signature sound is carried throughout the EP.

Rusko rose from the ashes of cancer with vengeance! Cancelling all Summer 2017 stops, Chris Mercer went through intensive chemotherapy for roughly 15 months. His journey was long and strenuous. He appeared in Your EDM’s YouTube “Aspire to Inspire” Live episode in October 2017 and announced he was 100% cancer free and done with treatments! He continues on in the video about his battle with cancer.

He returned to the stage in February 2018 at Wobbleland in San Francisco, California. Now we get the chance to see him in Dallas, Texas shortly after the return!

We can’t wait to see this strong individual perform at WOBBLELAND on June 23rd! Look out for the TRILLVO Team and let us take your picture for the review article!

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Posted by:Victoria Garces

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