Using Spotify tracks from his Observatory playlist, Jeff Montalvo (aka Seven Lions) has created a new masterpiece in the form of a mix that takes you through an emotional roller coaster. There are many hit tracks included in the mix, but also a slew of different material not typically seen in Jeff’s festival sets.

Jeff pointed out that the mix series “allows me to highlight tracks I wouldn’t normally play in my live sets, and explore different sides of my tastes and influences”. The first 4 minutes of the mix is ID (most soft melodics) with a smooth transition into “Ocean”, which is a collaboration with Jason Ross.

Throughout the 2 hour mix, you will find such a wide variety of genres included, as well as tracks from popular artists, such as: Above & Beyond, Dabin, Dirty South, Feed Me, Jason Ross, Lane 8, Lookas, MitiS, RÜFÜS, and San Holo.

That emotional roller coster really kicks in during “You Don’t Want Me” by Beatcore, Ashley Apollodor & Crystal Skies because of the background melodics and female vocals. Jeff brings up the energy while still maintaining the emotional aspect with his track “World Apart”, which has several upbeat drops. The icing on the cake is “Spacewalk” by Ramses B, which immediately follows from “Worlds Apart”. Needless to say, this trio of tracks was perfect for an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions. 

The mix was released just in time before the upcoming Chronicles (Chapter 1) show in Seattle on May 12th. Seven Lions will be playing two sets at each chapter of Chronicles, which includes a heavy  set as well as an Observatory set. Make sure to grab tickets for the upcoming show Chronicles Chapter 1 (Seattle, WA) &
Chronicles Chapter 2 (Denver, CO).

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Posted by:Mitch Tilley

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