The dance music scene is a predominant male industry, straight males at that; but Mad Decent’s sweetest DJ Kandy is here to change the game up! Not only did he drop the sickest song called “Feelin’ KNT” with a fabulous music video full of NYC’s fiercest drag queens; he recently came out to his family and friends. Yes, he is openly gay, happy, and living his best life!

It takes a lot of courage for one to come out to their family, fans and co workers, especially in this industry. Kandy shared his story with all his fans, receiving so much love and support from DJs like Diplo, Tommy Sunshine, DJ Snake, Shaun Frank, and The Chainsmokers. All have wished him the best of luck, and stand by him. With Kandy openly admitting he is gay, this brings hope to our ever changing music scene.

As the times have change, and being gay has been accepted more and more, it is still nerve racking to come out. You don’t know how people will react. Besides Griz, Kandy is the only other openly gay DJ.

You just recently came out to your family and friends. Tell me, how you are feeling about that?

It was one of the most nerve racking things I could have done, but after doing it the weight lifted off my shoulders was unexplainable. It took me an extremely long time to gather the courage to do it, but my family & friends were so supportive! I learned that not everyone is going to accept me for who I am and that’s totally fine!

What was your biggest fear about being gay in this music industry?

I had a lot of support from major artists early on. My biggest fear was not having that same support or being treated differently. It’s nerve racking to go against the grain in a male dominated industry, but I am here to show other aspiring producers that it’s okay to be your authentic self, that’s what people are waiting for!

Do you think coming out will inspire other young men and women, who are struggling with coming to turns of  being gay or openly coming out?

My entire goal with all of this is to inspire people who were once in my position and to let them know that it’s okay to be your authentic self. This to me is much more than just music. I had no LGBTQ musicians in the dance music community to look up to while I was struggling, so I hope that I can be that person for others.

“Feelin’ KNT” is fabulous. You looked like you had a blast filming that with video. When I first heard it I literally yelled out loud “YAAASSSS QUEEEN YOU BETTER WORK IT”! What was the inspiration behind it?

This past year I took a break from making music to find myself and to get in touch with my own skin. While doing that I fell into the drag scene & became friends with some of the top queens in New York City. I was inspired by an interview with RuPaul from 1988 and recreated the vocals with my best friend to fit the track! 

Who is your favorite drag queen?

I don’t really have a specific favorite drag queen because there are so many but if I had to pick a top three they would be Alyssa Edwards, Jasmine Masters, & Aquaria.

What can we expect from future Kandy projects?

I just want to continue to inspire whether that be through my music, my videos, or any other form of creative outlet. I think that’s my main goal. 


I think Kandy coming out is inspiring and amazing. I am gay too, so hearing a good coming out story always warms my heart. Thank you for that, Kandy. You’ve been killing the game, and I know your fans and family will love you no matter what.


Do yourself a favor and watch this video. Be prepared to start sashaying around your house because he is serving realness. And for those wondering what “Feelin’ KNT” means, well the gays know what it means, but basically you’re feeling yourself, queen! So KANDY, you go on with your gay self and make an impact; Trillvo supports you 100%.


For more KANDY, check out his socials

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Posted by:Sierra Bianchini

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