Written by Sarah Dickens

If you’ve never heard of Dorfex Bos let us educate you, young grasshoppers. Dorfex is a hidden gem in the scene (homeboy has been around since the 2000’s) and has gained popularity through his collabs with Bassnectar. His sound is unique, dreamy and doesn’t fit in any specific genre or mold.

His newest EP Opinions is a 4 track EP full of light and airy tracks such as “Teen $pirit” and “Cyalafalora” that push the bass music to new levels. The EP carries a countless number of vibes from melancholy to energetic and seamlessly embodies all that is down tempo and dubstep. His pure sound design talent will send you on a musical journey through time and space. Buckle up and join him on a ride through Opinions.

Connect with Dorfex Bos
Soundcloud | Facebook

Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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