Written By: Cristian Callejas

Jesse Kardon aka Subtronics is one of the most amazing dubstep artists out there. From collaborations with Svdden Death and Boogie T, the man himself is heavy hitter. He recently dropped a new EP called “Wook Laser” and my gosh, it’s truly a work of art musically speaking.


Aside from the massive wubs and riddim vibes he’s a down to earth dude who befriends and appreciates his fans. About three weeks ago, he made a stop on his Wubs Warp Drive tour in Houston, Texas at the Spire club downtown along side with Blunts & Blondes and Dirt Monkey. After the slamming show there was more riddim left…. the after party. Jesse and Michael aka Blunts & Blondes made a surprise appearance at the after party and I had the honor of talking to both amazing human beings. Jesse mentioned being excited for Lost Lands in September and was stoked about the new music he has in the works and could hardly wait to play it out for fans. I also chilled with both artists for a few hours and got to listen and hear from them about how their show went that night.
Fun fact about Subtronics, You can catch him selling custom made art glass with his logo on it at each show, only available at his shows.


Wobbleland will definitely blow every one’s mind. From 12th Planet to Herobust the lineup is heavenly. Catch Jesse and many other hard-hitting dubstep artists to crash Dallas. This mini festival will leave you speechless.
Posted by:alyssagotts

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