Written By: RayTrill Harvey

If you are a basshead that hasn’t heard of the rock infused sounds of Sullivan King, It’s time to open your ears to the MAGIC that is. Any basshead that attended Lost Land’s last year was probably introduced to the guitar blaring, head banging melodies of his set but if NOT, the perfect place to start on your journey is with his biggest EP to date, The Come One, Come All EP.

Sullivan Opens up the EP with a HEAVY track called, “Dropkick” that perfectly displays his ability to combine the sounds of electronic music with heavy metal, featuring his own screaming vocals prominent throughout his music. He continues the head-banging madness with the next track “Step Back” which include the sounds of a drum sequence and the wubs of dub, including a breakdown towards the end that even bring elements of trap! The 3rd track “Begone” is just pure insanity with King really showing off his production skills and giving the listener no time to catch their breath!

King is a multi talented producer and loves to show off the depth and range of his own voice as he does in many of the tracks like, “Don’t Go” that has a surprising Hard Psy break down at the end that we LOVE. King never ceases to be short of production surprises and shows us a bit of a softer side in tracks like “Madeleine Rose”, a track that speaks on love. Falling gives us a little more of a the emotional side of his artistry while still paying homage to the heavy sounds that encapsulate King, this is the perfect track to close a LARGE body of work with and leaves you feeling fully complete after listening from start to finish.

Check out the EP below and keep up with all of Sullivan King’s work by following him on his socials below.

Facebook | Soundcloud

Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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