Written By: Christina Groves

Andrew Luce and Someother collaborated to create the wonderful masterpiece, “Lanterns”. Andrew Luce is known for making some of the sickest R&B beats in the EDM community. Before hearing Lanterns, I wasn’t familiar with Someother, but after this I’m definitely a fan.

Image From fuxwithit.com

The idea of the song first started when Andrew Luce was messing with his guitar over a drum loop. The main course came to him easily, but he wasn’t really sure where to head with it. Someother reached out to him on some production advice and Andrew fell in love with Someother’s voice. After reaching out for a collaboration, “Lanterns” was created.


“Lanterns” begins with a catchy sing-a-long, then leads to a melodic build up. Smoother’s voice is to die for through the chorus, having me  deep in my feels. The second half of the song has the same chorus and a small guitar solo. If you haven’t heard the song yet, be sure to check it out on the link below.

Follow Andrew Luce: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter
Follow Someother: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Posted by:Christina Groves

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