Written by: Dustin Scoggin

The title of the Ookay’s debut album Wow! Cool Album says it all! The album is just that, cool, fun and refreshing. The album is different then the Trap we have grown to love from Ookay, but by no means does the album disappoint as we continue to see him experiment with new sounds.

Image from DiscoDonniePresents

The album definitely brings a happy pop sound and will certainly have people dancing and feeling good as the Summer festival season fastly approaches. “Cool” is one of our favorite tracks off the album, bringing in some happy trap vibes, and even some 90’s nostalgia. This track is great from beginning to end, and WILL be a Summer anthem in 2018.

“Feel Alright” is another one of many, that we think people will be dancing to this summer, with vocals from Ookay himself, and gives us again that 90s pop rock sound, mixed with the electronic sounds of today. This Track is not one to sleep on. It’s refreshing, and we can picture ourselves driving with the windows down on the way to a festival going crazy and “feeling alright” as we do!

Image From Substreammagazine.com

Now, don’t let us calling the happy, pop, or fun make you think this album doesn’t go hard, because that would be misguiding. The baseline’s for just about song on the album is golden. The drops don’t disappoint either especially on songs like “Love or Lost” and “Stay Forever”. Both of these tracks are absolute fire, and we are willing to bet money they you’ll be hearing them all season long!

Another personal favorite of ours is “Time Warp” it features vocals from Sara Skinner and starts off with a beautiful melodic introduction. The pairing really feed off each other for this beautiful track. The best part of the track has to be the drums played during the drop though.



Ookay has really built a name for himself since 2016, and we believe this album will keep him around for years to come. The album from beginning to end is a bouncy, full of life, and really showcases Ookay’s diversity. The album definitely leaves you saying Wow! Cool Album.

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Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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