Written by: Victoria Garces

ZHU’s latest album titled, RINGOS DESERT PT. 1, is one for the books. Filled with sultry tracks to keep you moving all day and night, ZHU has once again done the damn thing. Deleting all his previous posts on Instagram, his main social media outlet, ZHU left us with an imagine of a lonely man in a desert sandstorm with the caption “Just be ready”. Well ZHU we’re all ready! He dropped his album right at midnight on April 26, 2018. Within a few hours, the album has thousands of plays on Soundcloud and Spotify. This is one of THOSE Summer albums.

“Stormy Love, NM”.

⁃ The first track of ZHU’s new album definitely sets the tones. Starting off with massive desert vibes, the vultures crowing and pan flute sounds, he seriously puts you in the lovely town of “Stormy Love, NM”. A funky mellow beat gets introduced followed by ZHU’s beautiful vocals accompanied by a sexy woman’s voice, JOY., that just lures you in. This 100% sets the mood for the album, making you crave more.

“Still Want U”

⁃ The lyrics in this song definitely are ones that will resonate within you. The soft trap sounds fill in the background. A sultry sounding ZHU welcomes you in with lyrics that make you feel like you’re at a burlesque show with the girl of your dreams dancing on stage, staring at you… and only you. Dancing for just you, wanting you… without the whole crowd around wanting her.


“It ain’t your fault, who I am.”


“Desert Woman”

⁃ This track is by far my favorite one on the album. A real dance-y track. The bass kicks and the song starts building momentum. Faintly in the distance you hear “desert….. woman….. desert….. woman”. More layers fill in the song, then a break happens filled with heavy synths and sexy guitar solos that just make you move. The “drop” happens and the techno-sounding beat comes back. I can imagine a lonely woman in the vacant desert dancing the night away with strobe flashes on her with this track.

The 7-track album is something to share with everyone. If you’re not familiar with ZHU, you’ll get familiar. ZHU first hinted at a tour in the works via Instagram story during Coachella, with his clothing line, NIGHTDAYCOLLECTION.


ZHU’s DUNE tour hits major US/Canada cities through out the fall/winter. With just phase one out, fans can text “DUNE” to 773-8BL-KLZT and get information on the tour!



For more ZHU, check out his socials:

Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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