Written by Zakariya Aslane

The beauty of the EDM community comes alive when artists that you may never think would come together do just that. We have been a major fan of both Dirty Audio and BL3R for some years now and it never crossed my mind that they would collaborate.  Not only did they produce an amazing track, but they brought along a rap artist that I used to listen to when I was in high school, Young Buck, and this trinity meshed so well.


The track is something unexpected from these three.  Young Buck’s lyrics bring us back to high school days of just rap lyrics that just make you want to party.

The drops are pretty different from what my ear drums hear.  The first drop is a fusion of Buck’s lyrics and what sounds like a Troyboi influenced style sound.  It is subtle, but lit at the same damn time.

For the second drop, if you are trap fan, those trap horns are there in spades and are the best pairing for ad libs of Young Buck’s lyrics.  Imagine being in a trap symphony in the middle of Times Square in NYC at night with all the lights surrounding you as that drop hits.


Overall, I hope artists listen to this track and realize that taking risks can turn into something pretty amazing and can open your ear drums to sounds unimaginable at times.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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