Written by: Michael Placencia

If you haven’t yet heard of i_o, then allow us to be the first to introduce you. This new Mau5trap artist made his mark upon the scene late last year when he released his debut track Warning” on Mau5trap’s We Are Friends Vol. 7 album back in December. He also released the fist-pumping “Lazers” through InHarmony earlier this year. Since then, he has made waves with his darker style of techno and progressive house. And surely enough, this new EP ROOTKIT has unleashed has two halves that combine into an even greater whole.

i_o 2

“Audio Dust” is probably by far the best song I’ve heard all year. With its beautiful chord progression, melodic tones, and euphoric female vocal, it’s the perfect song to think about life to. It’s beautiful sounds almost give it a melancholy feel, but in all the right ways. This track is definitely an outstanding dreamscape that simply must be heard. It also showcases a more softer yet inspiring side to i_o compared to his more darker-sounding tracks.


If Audio Dust” is a lighter side, then Passivex is definitely the dark to balance it out. It’s a more club-heavy track that’s sure to get any dance floor pumped as it’s driving beat pulsates through your ears. This song is a must have for techno fans! Having two distinctly different tracks like these on this EP is the perfect way for i_o to have showcased how talented he truly is. And also what we can hopefully expect more of in the future. Keep your eyes peeled for the ever mysterious i_o! Because he’s just getting started on what will surely be a rewarding career, as well as forever hacking our hearts with his music.

For more i_o, follow him on his socials: Soundcloud|Facebook|Twitter

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