Lido is back people! This time he’s teamed up with J’Von, bringing us some beautifully crafted R&B with a hint of his signature electronic sound. Spacesuit is a great love letter to relationships and everything they come with. This EP is filled with some really good memorable vibes and lyrics, so let’s dive in!

Lido Spacesuit

“Sneakerhead” starts off the EP as it sets the tone with Towkio starting off the song saying, “She don’t love me like she love her shoes…” This sets the tone in such a great way and I love how this song expresses how material possessions can sometimes play a factor in relationships. “Westin” gives us some catchy horns, a chill beat, and steady lyrics that go well with the story being told. “Wood Floors” shows us more of Lido’s signature sound while Mulherin drops some amazing bars describing how he feels about a certain girl. “I’ll never get it back…” is definitely the most fitting of lyrics within this EP.

Lido & J'Von
Lido & J’Von

“People”, picks things up a bit as it adds a bit of jazz infused with a hint of funk. Featuring Mayer Hawthorne, this track is filled with more rap bars, blaring horns, and vibes galore. “Highly Overdue”, has got to be one of the most chill songs I’ve heard this year, with one of the most addicting beats. This is also the most relatable track of the entire EP for me. The lyrics definitely hit home and the vibe it gives off is just perfect. Easily my favorite. “Stay With Me”, is another soft yet emotionally inspired tracks. “Time and Space (Outro)” closes out the EP so beautifully as the memorable lyrics,

I just want to find a place where I can rest my head, I just want to find a place where I can dream of you, but I can’t afford a place like that…

Its well thought out lyrics, carefully crafted music, and relatable songs like these that make Lido the talented artist he is. After already coming off the success of his Everything album, and now with this EP, Lido is poised to go further than ever before.

For more on Lido, follow him on his socials listed below: Soundcloud|Facebook|Twitter

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