Written by Zakariya Aslane

Well, the trumpet mistro, Timmy Trumpet, and the hard house titan, Junkie Kid, have collaborated on a track that is the perfect mix of euphoria and chaos.

Released on Heavyweight Records, the track starts with steady hard psy kicks and then fades into the smooth Spanish-inspired trumpet melody that Timmy does so well.  Then, Junkie Kid comes in with his classic hard house synths filled with burning chaos.

Once the drop commences, imagine being a matador and not only taking on one bull, but a mob of bulls and dodging each and every one with style and grace.  The drop is filled with some hardstyle kicks, but overlaid with hard house synths, which is a fantastic combo.  Versus the second drop, the bpm picks up a bit and almost sounds like a hybrid between hard psy and hard house.

Overall, this is not the first time Timmy has touched in the hard dance scene and Junkie Kid coming fresh off a new album, this track is perfect heading right into the Summer.  This track will throw you in a twister from the stampede of bulls rushing by.

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Posted by:Zak Aslane

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