Written by Zakariya Aslane

Released on Dim Mak, as Party Thieves said in the bio of this track, “This is the beginning of a lot of new music.” If the new tracks are anything like “OVERDOSE,” we are sure in for some heavy hitting tracks coming soon.

Party Thieves is known for pushing boundaries with different styles, but still paying homage to his trap music roots. “OVERDOSE” does that in spades.  Fabian Mazur, an unknown name at the time, brought some flare to this track that complements well to the well known Party Thieves production style.


Party Thieves has lately been doing collaborations with rather unknown artists and that is always great to see.  Artists that remember their come up and showing love for those on the same path always creates great tracks, guaranteed.

“OVERDOSE” is a perfect example of that.  After hearing the drops and leads, I pictured being in Back to the Future, but with a trap twist and something went wrong with the flux capacitor, and all reality and time begin to bend and lose all sense.

Posted by:Zak Aslane

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