Ladies and gentlemen here’s your May Starting 5 and we have some future Hall of Famers for you! Young legends I might add, and these five guys know how to wreck some shit! I’m talking about BORGORE, OOKAY, GHASTLY, LSDREAM,& JUNKIE KID!

Instagram- Borgore

Asaf Borgore, but the ladies call him daddy and the fellas call him Mother fucking BORGORE, is a 30-year-old monster! The man is a dj, singer, songwriter, producer and a rapper! HES GOT BARS ON DECK! All the way from Tel Aviv, Israel too! Borgore, just did something amazing that shocked everybody, dropping a jazz album on May 9th! Adventures In Time is the six song masterpiece he gave the world to feel! Also smashing his sets at EDC and Shaky Beats! Call Borgore butter baby because this man is on a roll!

Photo by @chrisallmeid

OH MY GAWD! Y’all Abraham Laguna is that dude OOKAY! The 26 year is cooler than a penguin in a tank top! His talented arsenal is crazy! He’s a singer-songwriter, producer, dj and A BAD BINCH! (Binch being the squad of KAYZO, YULTRON, DOTCOM,& OOKAY)

Ookay released a 12 track work of art and titled it WOW! COOL ALBUM! Working with Sara kinner on a lovely song that will get you moving and grooving! Ookay has actually had hella people moving and grooving at his sets on his “WOW! COOL TOUR” tour! Nobody is stopping Ookay!

Photo by @natevogelphoto

This mother fucking guy right here! The Ghost himself, GHASTLY! Mr. David Lee Crow is the 28-year-old dj and producer from the beautiful Arizona! His Debut Album The Mystifying Oracle, is one of those good for your soul albums! Thirteen tracks taking you on a musical trip! With some collabs from Barely Alive, Sam King, Dr. Fresch and Shaylen! WHOLE LOT OF LITNESS HERE, and it only gets more better! Man is on, “The Mystifying Oracle Tour”, with some amazing support from Blunts&Blondes, Kompany, Nitti Gritti, SWAGE and special guest being Breathe Carolina, Cesqueax and Riot Ten! Y’all be careful because Ghastly out here snatching souls!

Photo by @nd__

Now my guy LSDREAM IS A LEGEND FOR SURE! Some one who’s seen the game change and kept up but is now on a new journey and sound and we are loving it! BRILLZ IS HERE AS LSDREAM! The man who gave us twonk! Is taking a totally different trip these days and DAMN IT WE LOVE IT! His new Album Voyager is impeccable! Ten AMAZING tracks to take you to a whole other planet! Getting some help from Sarah Hudson for lovely vocals on “Godspeed”! Y’all LSDREAM is coming for all y’all!

Junkie Kid
Photo by @pablo_deyta

If y’all haven’t gotten your fix of that hard shit JUNKIE KID is giving out across stages around the world, you better! The dj and producer is from Acapulco,Mexico and is making his presence felt! Between being the founder of Harsh Records label, and serving beats left and right y’all need to keep an eye on this one! His debut Album Find Yourself is sixteen tracks of pure fire! Working with Calixto, Square, and ANG, Ribellu, and a wide variety of producers! He also dropped a hella hard House banger with Timmy Trumpet! He also brought out Timmy and a whole ass mariachi band to his EDC set! Y’ALL DONT UNDERSTAND! JUNKIE KID GOT THAT FUEGO!


Borgore Socials: Instagram| Facebook| Twitter|SoundCloud

OOKAY Socials: Instagram|Facebook|Twitter| SoundCloud

Ghastly Socials: Instagram|Facebook|Twitter|SoundCloud

LSDREAM Social: Instagram|Facebook |Twitter |SoundCloud

Junkie Kid Socials: Instagram |Facebook|Twitter|SoundCloud

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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