we’re getting closer and closer to the day we’ve all been waiting for; Wobbeland day! To better prepare you guys for this grimy festival, we’re diving right into the next artist profile. This week we’re featuring the most loved name in filth; 12th Planet.

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A legend of the industry, he’s known as one of the nicest men in EDM, which is completely contrary to the mean music he throws down around the globe. I first met John at an Air BNB in Miami, the very first thing he did was ask m where I’m from and when I replied, “Texas!” we immediately began line-dancing with me around the kitchen while singing, “Deep in the heart of Texas!”

An amazing human with even better music, John first started making Drum & Bass under the alias Infiltrata. In 2006 he began to produce dubstep under the name, 12th Planet and is often called, “The general of the riddim gang!”

“I discovered the rave culture when I was about 14, and I started really gravitating towards hardcore/gabber and jungle/ drum & bass. I think I got the passion for dubstep about three-four years ago through the inspiration of the Mary Anne Hobbs radio show, and Tech itch. Then I got into Skream, Benga, and the DMZ movement and from then on I was sold.”  –12th in Big Up 5

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Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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