Written By: Dustin Scoggin

Tim Bergling was his name, but in our community we knew him as Avicii. Originally from Switzerland, he began making music at a very young age. Before he was a producer he was on the keyboard, piano, and guitar just showing how musically trained he was. At the age of 16 he began playing around with producing and DJing, then started posting remixes in hopes to impress the right people. It wasn’t long before he did just that!

In 2011 “Levels” came out, a song that not only blew up his career, but inspired artists all over the world. Still to this day you can hear some of the biggest names in the EDM community dropping this track, along with many other of Avicii’s extremely commercial hits.

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With songs like “Wake Me Up” and “Hey, Brother” a lot of people credit Avicii for bringing EDM into the Top 40’s, and making it something that people all over the world could enjoy. He was nominated for not one but two Grammy’s, one for his track with David Guetta “Sunshine” and again in 2013 for the much deserving “Levels”.

Avicii has impacted so many of his peers at such a young age, and was taken from us way too soon. Mental illness is a real issue that many people in the music industry struggle with. Avicii, was rumored to question his purpose in the world, and would become lonely traveling the world with no one to share it with. Some say the depression from being forced to retire from music due to health issues was his reasoning for leaving the world behind. Whatever the true reason, it is for only him to know. However, we hope that people will see this and start to pay attention for signs of depression from loved ones. We should be encouraging our peers and building them up.

RIP AVICII (SEPT 1989- April 2018)

Artists Take To Instagram To Pay Respects



Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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