Written by: Wil Rios

Princeology just gave us a gem called “Hit A Line” through the Panther’s Bass House Label, a subsidiary of Panther’s Groove. Panther’s Groove is a website dedicated to bringing you the grooviest house music in the world. Check out their website here.

The track begins deep in the vibes with vocals and chants over a classic bass house beat. The horns reign over the drums right into the build up, and then pre-drop vocals yell:

“Get in line just to hit a line!”

And now we’re grooving. Bounce! bounce! bounce!

The main synthesizers syncopate while the deep bass line rumbles underneath. Next we’re taken into the breakdown where Princeology introduces arepegiatted keys and an old school hip-hop drum sample with rapping over the top. This gives the song a straight up 90s feel. We get air horns that prep us for the next section and – dare I say it? – the second drop is even funkier!?

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Posted by:Wil Rios


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