Written by Sarah Dickens

Straight off their mainstage performance at EDC DJ duo SLANDER teamed up with Bret James to release a sensual R&B track completely out of their norm. The track titled, “Slow Motion,” slows down the usual heavy trap, bass-face inducing sounds we expect from SLANDER and instead delivers a emotion-filled dreamlike ambiance that is guaranteed to put you in the feels.

“Slow Motion” is a vibe, in the most simplest of explanations. The crisp, soft guitar plucks are matched with soothing vocals by Bret James, who also co-produced the light and airy track. The soft beat of drums floating around the slow and emotional song combine to create the perfect track for flowing, smoking, driving, chilling… anything.

If it was up to us we’d get a whole melodic, sensual and R&B inspired EP from this trio of producers. We are so excited to see what else SLANDER has up their sleeves.

Connect with the artist:

SLANDER – Soundcloud | Facebook
Bret James – Soundcloud | Facebook

Posted by:Sarah Dickens

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