After years of bringing Houston and Dallas “Something Wicked” and “Something Wonderful”, Disco Donnie announced that he would not be returning the festivals in 2018. However, he teased that there would be a new Halloween festival in Houston this year, and then we all sat and waited to hear what DDP had in store for the 2018 year.

For weeks Disco Donnie interacted with his fans on Twitter about the upcoming new festival. He even got fans involved on helping to pick out a name for the festival and after a much anticipated wait, DDP officially announced, FREAKY DEAKY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2018.


Though it’s not really a NEW festival, React Presents have been hosting Freaky Deaky Music Festival for years now. In 2017, even brought it on a multi-city tour. However, we think this partnership with React Presents and DDP is going to be magical and haunting all at the same time. I mean, have you seen the headliners that have been announced so far?

The lineup hasn’t yet been announced. However, DDP did announce that the festival will be held at the Sam Houston Raceway. He then went on to tease us with the four headliners, Excision, DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, and Kaskade, which sent the EDM community and the internet in a frenzy. Four of the biggest names in EDM, on the most haunting nights of the year, for the first time in Houston. Need we say more?

Tickets for Freaky Deaky go on sale June 14th, use code “Trillvo” for Discounted tickets!

Posted by:Dustin Scoggin

I'm a 27 years old, promoter/writer who is going to school for Broadcast Journalism. In hopes, to be a full time entertainment journalist. EDM Till I Die!

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