The reemergence of weird bass hip hop instrumental music has been brewing for quite sometime. With it being such a unique sound in dance music it was only a matter of time before it came back with a vengeance and it has been beautifully done by the DMVU’s Moon Man EP.

I first discovered DMVU via his smash single “Bloccd”  on his Deep Dark and Dangerous EP and remember thinking to myself, “F*%$! This track is wubbing me the right way!” Since then he’s kept that momentum and now has even more to get weird to. In this review, we will go over each track and attempt to explain what we heard, but I hope this highly encourage’s you to listen and tell us what you feel. So here goes.

He kicks off this seven track EP with “MFW” which feels like you’re traveling through an ethernet cable.

Second, we have “The Night” feels as if I’m glitching in the matrix.

Third, we are hit with “This Ones For The Soundboiz” you are kicking it and  “Slow Mo Mofo” yeah you just got dropped on your head.

Next, “Everybody Say” and to be honest I’m not sure what everybody says but I do feel  “It’s so hot in the Club that I aint got no shoes on” but with more wubs.

Coming in at number five we have, “Fifty Pounds Of Purp” Our Favorite and that’s all I have to say about that.

Sixth track is “It’s A Cult Not A Team” I already signed my life away to this song, join us.

Last but not least the seventh track is “Goliath” slaying all up and down this track.


There you have it that is my weird attempt to relaying this chaotically great EP that DMVU has pieced together for us to enjoy and if you haven’t gotten the chance to check DMVU’s Moon Man EP out on Circus records in its entirety by clicking the link and share your thoughts with me.


Posted by:hugohugop

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