Written By: RayTrill Harvey
Photos By: Vikki G, VU Nguyen & Nathan Colbert
Videos By: Andrew Murillo

One of the most interesting characters I’ve ever met in my life is a man of many talents and more ambition than you can fit in a stadium. He’s the type of person to say, “I want to build a banana float with 20 inch swangas and ride around Houston.” You’ll laugh it off… and then 2 weeks later, you’ll see that banana float riding around Houston. This man, Is Johnny Bund.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standingJohnny Bund stands proudly at the entrance of the Tumbleweeds Venue he used for Rapture#7

Johnny has taken his creative vision for the underground party/show/rave and transformed it into an above and beyond spectacle that wows everyone that walks through the door. At Rapture #6 (The Rapture before this one) Johnny went so far as to have an entire room to experience virtual reality helmets, he even had the stage from the Day For Night festival. One thing you should know about Johnny’s Rapture shows; he has never used the same venue twice.

“I’ve been going to Rapture since Johnny made the first event and HOLY WOW from what it was to now. It’s PHENOMENAL. Rapture: I’ve Age was perfect, from the local DJs to the production to the extra activities he had. I wasn’t going to go but I changed my mind and it was a great choice. My experience was beyond amazing, seeing all my talented friends play was the highlight of my night, plus eating all of Wooli’s berries. It was basically a mini festival and I can’t wait to see how much this name grows and where Johnny can take it” – Amber Others

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and indoorA pair of show goers battle it out in Smashbros.

This year, Johnny threw the best show he’s thrown yet. The Venue was Tumbleweed’s, located in Northwest Houston off of Kuykendahl, a spacious indoor/outdoor venue. with plenty of room for Johnny’s imagination to run wild. He wasted no time drawing up plans for 4 stages, one of which would host Rapture’s first ever Touring DJ, Wooli. Johnny allowed Houston crews to take over the booking for the other stages which brought a real sense of unity to the community.

The Stages

Rapture had the main stage on the inside of the building with a custom-built LED wall that looked like an ice-cube encompassing the artist. Behind that was the SooNami Stage surrounded by tables FULL of kandi and materials spread out, ready for all attendees to make and trade kandi with friends, they even had a pearler station with iron ready to go. If you ventured to the outside you were met with the Share Space Stage, a stage dedicated to all DJ’s who had come out to rock the stage of Johnny’s Monday night Houston event. The final stage was the Wyldnights stage, a giant white dome was adorned with custom visuals all night.

The Amenities

One thing Johnny is great at is providing his guests with experiences that define a REAL underground rave and interactive features that set your experience apart from just standing around at a show. Rapture provided some very creative ways to enjoy the party!

  • Bouncy houses complete with water slides and obstacle courses
  • Kandi making stations
  • Pearler ironing stations
  • Fire Spinners / giant flame throwers
  • Smash Bros set up with giant projector screen to play with your friends
  • Tons of seating areas/hangout spots
  • Inside/Outside

Food & Drinks?

I just want to talk about how margaritas were only $3… that’s right.. $3 all night.. previously Johnny did his shows “BYOB” but now that things are bigger and more legal, this isn’t a bad trade-off at all. Rapture was also connected to a restaurant that stayed open late for hungry guests.


One of the things that makes Houston so great is our local producer/DJ community and rapture really showcased the incredible community with 4 stages lined with local performances and 2 out-of-town headliners; Wooli & Mob Tactics.

Photo By Vu Nguyen

Each stages posted a wide array of Houston’s top locals DJ’s and as guests moved around throughout the venue to catch their favorites, you noticed that most people really didn’t stick to a schedule or care about time slots but would bounce back n forth between whichever stage they vibed at more.

Wooli closed the night with a high energy, dirty set that was the epitome of a headbangers dream come true. Check out this video below by AMP of this epic drop.

Rapture was a place where all can come and feel welcome, a place so carefully constructed with caring attention to detail that and attendee can’t help but wonder when is the next one going to be.  We hope that Johnny continues to push his passion forward and keep this amazing culture of love and fellowship through music alive with this shows. If you ever get the chance to visit a Rapture show, don’t miss the opportunity.

Photo By Vu Nguyen
Posted by:Raytrill Founder of TRILLVO

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