June 16, 2018, Diamonte Blackmon known as Carnage came back to Houston, Texas to put his chipotle gang family back into ASOC(A State Of Carnage) and Houston hasn’t had that since February of last year, so it was long over due.


Light go out, phones go up in the air , people are chanting, “CARNAGE, CARNAGE, CARNAGE!”  to bring him out! Then all of sudden you hear the intro to the second drop of his sound shattering “Hijueputa” with GRAVEDGR and you know what’s about go down after hearing, “THIS ONE IS DEDICATED TO ALL THE RAVERS OF THE NATION” just to add a tad bit more of a build up as Carnage looks over the crowd.

As soon as it drops, instant mayhem and madness! Co2 cannons launching confetti straight into the air, the confetti falls through the smoked filled room, Carnage looking like a FUCKING BOSS. This let’s me know it’s about to be a bomb ass night! Carnage also brought out the Houston Trap, such as, Houston’s own J.Prince.Jr, Sauce Walka and Johnny Dang! (The reason why Carnage was so icy)

“ It was a really good! Love the fact that he played a lot of hardstyle, and the crowed went crazy when he played GRVDGR Rampage” -Eric Dimas


(Taken by @_jordy_p)

When he dropped GRVDGR’s Rampage it was straight madness! After letting the crowd know the lyrics, everybody was hyped to yell out “BITCH IM ON A RAMPAGE, MASK ON MY DAMN FACE!”

As the night goes on this man is dropping bangers left and right and has no kind of care for the subs woofers as he lets them fly with every track he drops! Speaking of dropping tracks, he played an unreleased Thirty Rack and Gucci Mane track. Plus, another very filthy track that we were very excited to hear when released, but let me just say that when he drops these songs, he’s going to cause absolute mayhem!

(Taken by @_jordy_p)


This was definitely one of the best Carnage sets we’ve seen!

Posted by:Jordan Platt

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